You’ve got your work force working from home – now what?

How to handle the next 3 critical issues before it’s really difficult (or maybe too late)

COVID-19 has made companies shift their long-term plans of remote working to the forefront, whether they’re ready or not.

Now that the initial push to get everyone set up and productive, companies need to keep their eyes on the next set of critical issues they’ll be facing with Work from Home.

Three Things a company should do before it’s too late:

  • Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM)
  • Remote Help Desk
  • Remote Backup (including Office 365 and G-Suite protection)

The practical guide to Supporting Work from Home answers these questions for you and provides actionable steps to help you develop the policies and procedures in your organization to secure your environment, manage the risk, and continue quality work.

IT staff can't make house calls. We can help.
Keep your newly remote team productive and secure.

Download the Practical Guide to Supporting Work From Home today.

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Don’t let this crisis go to waste, evolve your company now!

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Security Assessment

We do an assessment of your company based on best practices and security and privacy standards – tailored to the size and realistic risk level of your company.   We want to give you a realistic and achievable assessment so that you can make the right decisions about your level of risk from a business point of view. We don’t just look at technology.  We examine policies, procedures, training – everything you need to protect your organization and reduce risk.

Managed Security as a Service

Recognizing that many organizations have limited budgets and that trained security staff a impossible to find, we created a “as a service” model for security.  We have a proven package of options to enable you to have enterprise-grade security – even if you don’t have an enterprise sized budget. We can take care of your security needs for a fraction of the cost of maintaining 24/7 enterprise-level IT security resources in-house.

Maybe you just have some questions?

You understand your business and your company better than anyone.  We are experts in how security and technology can work for you. Hopefully you will also see that we can explain difficult concepts in business language.  So whether you are in the market or just looking for answer, we’d welcome your call.