Do you worry that technology failures can severely damage and even kill your business?

Do you know how dependent you are on technology to run your business?    This does not only happen to large companies.

Maybe you’ve asked your employees how long they can continue to do business without access to your company systems and data.  For almost every company the answer is – not long.  Maybe you are wondering “when the inevitable failure or issue happens what will we do?”

You are not alone.  You are also right to be worried.   All technology fails at some point.  It can be as simple as a storage device that dies and takes your data with you.   Or heaven forbid, it can be a larger issue like a fire, flood or natural disaster.  You are right to be concerned.

When your systems or data are lost or inaccessible – what will you do?

Disasters are not the only way data can get lost.  We all know about viruses and malware.  You may have also heard that hackers today make a business out of stealing your data or encrypting it. They blackmail you for a ransom.  They may – or may not – return your data.


This is not kids or amateurs. This is a multi-billion dollar industry that is growing rapidly.  You could be blackmailed and shut down.

Or maybe you are concerned that failure to address security issues can also affect your sales.

You may have heard about the Target security breach?  You may know how the bad guys got in.  They used a small heating and ventilation contractor that was easy to hack.  Will that firm ever get another big contract working for anyone?  Who knows

We offer practical advice you can use and trust.  We have experience in working in the real world.  We are a true partner who can help you in all aspects of security. Our clients are willing to invest – but they need results.  That’s why our clients come to us

We’d love to help.  That’s why we publish clear and practical advice on security and other technology issues.  It’s why we’ll answer your questions.  We’d like to be your partner.  We want to earn your trust.

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If you are not asking the right questions on security – your customers will be

  Don’t risk that sale or even your business that you have spent years building by not having the answers.