Most companies, regardless of size, face the same challenge – getting the value from their data. It’s a source of real opportunity and of tremendous frustration.

While they know they must move forward, many companies cannot find a practical and affordable way to leverage their data.  

Many struggle with getting answers to basic questions. Why? Here are some key technical reasons:

  • Caught in “spreadsheet” prison

    With complex and high-risk functions put onto excel or simple database programs that are often high risk.  These systems are insecure, hard to maintain and often reliant on a single person to ensure their accuracy and continued operation.

  • Siloed by off the shelf, web apps or even legacy systems

    That cannot be integrated effectively or share data in a way that allows the company to bring together the data in a way that allows them to get the real answers they are seeking.

  • Data from multiple sources

    From applications, devices and increasingly from sensors, there is a wide range of data sources that need to be integrated and automated.

  • Volume of data

    Companies are often surprised at how much data they have to manage in an automated fashion to ensure that you can handle the volume and get through that volume of data to the essential elements.   

  • Unstructured data or conflicting structures

    That make it difficult or impossible to get a view of their data in any way that will give them the answers they seek.

Another reason?  Lack of resources.  

Data analytics & business intelligence require more than toolsets, they need people with the ability to help design and deliver analytics programs.  These people are in short supply and if they can be found – expensive and hard to hold. For many companies, particularly SMBs, it makes an effective program impossible.

The solution? Virtual Data Analytics.

We’ve built our own core group of experts in data analytics which cover the business, technical and also security aspects of data analytics.   We’ve developed approaches to help companies’ structure and report from disparate data sets and structures. We’ve taken our traditional “business focus” to this and the result is a Virtual Data Analytics offering.  

We will:

  • Analyze your data structures – internal and external
  • Use proven solutions to bring together data from a range of systems
  • Organize the data so that you can explore it in real time
  • Work with you to focus on key questions
  • Create functions that give you the type of reporting and analysis that translates data into value
  • Conduct security reviews and help you implement controls to protect your data
  • Create dashboards and train staff to ensure maximum “self-sufficiency”
  • Provide an ongoing resource to help you when you need expert advice

We know what tools are out there and how they work.  So we’ll be able to bring you the best solutions from simple analytics tools to Automated Intelligence routines.  

Secure.  Agile. Results focused.  Affordable. 

That’s what data analytics should be – and what it can be.