Find and integrate the right solution to meet your needs

We’ll work with you to ensure that there’s a strong business case and that you get the results you need.

Many organizations want a single system to function as the core ERP for their business processes, and in a lot of cases CRM is that choice. But they still need to ensure that the core CRM will work with all of the other system they use on a daily basis. If you think that CRM could be the core system for your business, we can help you build and maintain a production system designed specifically for you.

We have more than 30 years of development experience and by using our rapid development techniques even a moderate sized business can have exactly what they need.

If you need a solution for a specific business need, you need to address two key questions.

 What is the right solution for my needs?


How do we integrate that with our other systems to ensure that get the greatest efficiency, best business results and still have an integrated view of our data?

Here’s some examples of the work we’ve done:

Custom CRM and ERP Systems

We’ve worked with a variety of systems – from SugarCRM to Microsoft Dynamics to open source ERP solutions like Oodo and Open ERP.  But what we’re proudest of is how we’ve enabled companies to have systems that meet their unique needs. Here are some examples of systems we’ve adapted or built:

  • An integrated subscription and audience management system and content management systems for one of Canada’s best-known business to business publishers.  These systems include a CRM which allows them to manage and predict revenue for their unique business model and a state-of-the-art analytics program to study their audience in real time.  Given the challenges of this industry, we not only provided them with world class functionality, we were able to do this in a way that was affordable for them.
  • Adapted SugarCRM to help a major university recruit students and manage course enrollment for their complex but very successful program for remote and part time students.
  • Developed modules that enabled a niche insurance underwriter to calculate and print quotations in addition to managing their customer relationships.
  • Automate the purchasing processes and supplier relationships for the purchasing department of another large university.
  • For a boutique cosmetics firm we developed a system to enable them to record, predict and manage their customer needs and inventory.

Mobile/Web Development & Support

We’ve developed custom mobile and web solutions for a number of companies including browser-based, Android & IoS.  We’ve taken these from concept to implementation in the Apple and Google app stores.

Voice Enabled Systems

As voice enabled digital assistants like Alexa and Google Home become platforms for applications we have created the Alexa skills and Google Actions to use allow our customers to use these new platforms.

One Stop Shopping

We have a broad set of skills including analysis, system development, training, project management and implementation to take your application from concept to completion.

If you have an opportunity, a problem or just a concept, why not talk to us? 

We’ll give you clear answers and advice you can count on.