In Retail, it’s crucial to have agile labeling and pricing strategies, as well as adaptable points of fulfillment, in order to meet customer demands. Explore cutting-edge technology for real-time printing and labeling that seamlessly integrates, remains connected, and enables you to compete swiftly within your store. Whether you need to label products in the aisles, provide receipts at the point of sale, manage curbside pickups, or label inventory from the warehouse to the deli, our robust printers and labelers empower you to make it all happen.

Rugged reliability

Built to handle the constant demands of today’s omnichannel retail environment and backed by an industry-leading Brother Assure Service Warranty, our printers and labelers are tough, fast, and reliable.

Better efficiency

Equip associates to do their jobs faster and better – with uninterrupted connectivity options, flexible OS compatibility, long-lasting battery power, and leading print speeds.

More sales

Quickly generate the in-store price, markdown, shelf labels, and tags you need. Or print receipts and tickets from anywhere using handhelds, tablets, and smartphones. When transaction times and pricing delays go down, productivity and sales go up.

Happier customers

Serve customers when, where, and how they want – with virtually “error-free” transactions, fast and efficient product distribution, accurate pricing and inventory control, and faster, more innovative checkout options.


In order to thrive in the modern manufacturing industry, it is crucial to remain adaptable and competitive. This requires utilizing specialized technology that enables precise identification, labeling, tracking, and tracing of goods. Our cost-effective solution allows you to effortlessly generate clear and scannable barcode labels whenever needed, ensuring that each product receives the appropriate label at the precise moment it is required.

Compact versatility

Rugged enough for today’s manufacturing floor, yet compact enough to fit into crowded workstations or move from one application to another on the floor or on a cart. Get print solutions that fit seamlessly into your workflow.

Smooth system integration

Integrate quickly and easily with all standard SAP® business applications with the Brother gold-level SAP® Printer Vendor Program membership. And get free P-touch Editor label design software, plus compatibility with leading barcode label design software programs like BarTender and NiceLabel.

Fewer errors & lower costs

Get high-volume, high-speed, real-time solutions that deliver top print quality – without frustrating delays, illegible handwriting mistakes, or input errors.

Superior support

Experience industry-leading warranties to protect your investment. Plus, lifetime2 customer support for ultimate printer uptime and peace of mind.

Route Accounting

The interactions between busy route distributors and their retail customers are rapid and require utmost timeliness. Enhance efficiency by utilizing a mobile receipt printer that swiftly and accurately generates invoices and receipts on-site, significantly minimizing downtime. Upgrade your modern route accounting and direct store delivery (DSD) toolkit today by incorporating dependable mobile printing capabilities.

Extreme durability

Engineered to withstand the bumps, drops, and rugged conditions of route accounting environments. Even extreme heat and cold won’t affect the reliability of these trusted devices.

Enhanced efficiency

Designed for easy integration and fast connectivity with Wi-Fi®, Bluetooth® technology, AirPrint®, and MFi options, plus compatibility with major operating systems. No messy inks and toners means printing on-demand invoices, receipts, and inventory labels has never been simpler.

Improved cashflow

Quickly perform mobile invoicing and generate receipts from virtually anywhere. Enjoy faster transactions, less downtime, better productivity, and more cashflow.

Better customer satisfaction

Provide a better, more personal interaction with customers by using a mobile receipt printer right onsite. Clearly readable and on-demand documentation helps improve accuracy and better meet the expectations of today’s sophisticated customer.

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