Photo by Oladimeji Ajegbile from Pexels

A Solution to a Mundane Process

Do you find yourself having to work between spreadsheets? Or applications? Maybe you have to use separate forms to pull data, then manually enter that data into another system, and then manually follow up with your customers? This sounds like very tedious work and this can lead to information overload, missing information, or simply, the…

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Big Data as a Security Solution?

Splunk is a big data BI analytics tool that allows you to do deep dives into your data, especially into your machine data. But Splunk is also presenting itself as a security solution. I was at the Splunk Live conference in Toronto last week, and fully a third of the sessions were focused on using…

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Emergency Services & Data Recovery

Do you worry that technology failures can severely damage and even kill your business?Do you know how dependent you are on technology to run your business?    This does not only happen to large companies. Maybe you’ve asked your employees how long they can continue to do business without access to your company systems and…

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