Security Bulletin – Meltdown and Spectre

Meltdown and Spectre exploits – what you should know This week, two new vulnerabilities have been identified that impact almost all computers.   The vulnerability lies within Intel, AMD and ARM CPUs that were released anytime after 1995.  The exposure from this weakness is profound.  It impacts almost all laptops and desktops, as well as servers…

‘Tis The Season For Hackers To Target SMEs

‘Tis the season for hackers to target SME’s They call it phishing. According to experts, it’s the number one way that hackers use to target companies just like yours. And just a reminder – these aren’t kids trying to break in for kicks. These are criminals who operate like organized crime, breaking in, using the…

The Practical Guide to cloud Technology as a Business Strategy

Cloud computing is an unstoppable force that is affecting every business, regardless of size or industry. By 2018, half of all money spent by businesses on information technology will be “cloud based,” according to global research firm IDC.

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A Practical Guide to Technology as a Business Strategy

A Practical Guide to Business Security

The Practical Guide to Business Security provides statistics, pointers and strategies to help you to prepare for, defend against and recover from hacking and ransomware attacks. Did you know that US firms pay ransomware demands only 3 percent of the time, while Canadian firms comply 75 percent of the time?   Download the practical guide…