Custom CRM Development

Got a special need? A dream system for your business? Many companies turn to us to build customized solutions to fit their unique situation.

Custom CRM Development

Many organizations want a single system to function as the core ERP for their business processes, and in a lot of cases CRM is that choice. But they still need to ensure that the core CRM will work with all of the other system they use on a daily basis. If you think that CRM could be the core system for your business, we can help you build and maintain a production system designed specifically for you. We have more than 30 years of development experience and by using our rapid development techniques even a moderate sized business can have exactly what they need.

Here are just some of the Customer Relations Management systems that we have built over the years. While they are based on platforms such as SugarCRM, each is a tailor-made, unique system that extends far beyond just “contact management”:

  • We built the system that runs all ads and places for an association of weekly newspapers, and also support their sales processes.
  • We created the system that helps a major university recruit new students, keep track of alumni, and monitor donations and funding.
  • We customized SugarCRM to include modules that calculate and print quotations as well as modules that store the client information for a major insurance underwriter.
  • We customized SugarCRM to automate the purchasing processes and manage stakeholder relationships for a purchasing department.
  • We customized SugarCRM to assess grant applications for a health care agency and we built a portal where those grant applications are submitted.
  • We provide the systems and technology that tracks customers and purchases at high end cosmetics firms.
  • We provide the back-end systems that track customer activity for a call centre.

We build, host and maintain custom CRM-based solutions for a growing list of satisfied customers just like you. You can have the system of your dreams, either designed from scratch or customized based on an existing CRM, rapidly and inexpensively. Call us for a free consultation.