Cloud Communication

Thinking about moving to the cloud to improve how you communicate? We recommend Google Apps and Gmail.

Gmail provides many advantages for business users:

  • Conversation threads. Gmail keep all replies and forwards together, making it easier to follow email discussions as they happen, and easier to find information in them after the fact.
  • Excellent search and organization. Many of us use our email history as a sort of de facto knowledge management tool. As the undisputed King of Search, Google is a very powerful to help you find that crucial piece of information you know is somewhere in your inbox.
  • Always available. Gmail is available from any machine, anywhere, without installing anything – making it perfect for a BYOD world. All you need is a browser.
  • Mobile. Get your mail on your iPhone, iPad, Android smartphone or tablet, or your Blackberry device. And if your battery’s dead, just borrow somebody else’s – there’s nothing to install, so you can get your mail from any machine.
  • Free and up to date. You don’t have to buy Gmail and you don’t have to pay for upgrades, making it easy on the budget.

But communication is about much more than email. Google Apps supports a variety of communication tools, allowing you to employ the most appropriate strategy, all from the same place:

  • Instant messaging.
  • Telephony.
  • Commenting on shared files in Google Drive can send instant alerts to facilitate communication about documents and files.

We can get you up and running on Google Apps, quickly and seamlessly. From determining which services you need – and which services you don’t – through migrating your data quickly and safely so that you don’t lose any productive “downtime”, to training and supporting your users, our Google Apps experts have you covered.