You Know You Want To Get To The Cloud. But How?

Work in the cloud. Work mobile.

Collaborate online, in real time.

Cloud computing offers improved communication, collaboration, security, and mobility, while increasing the overall return on your IT investments. But where do you start? And how do you get to the cloud when you are swamped here on the ground?

Work in the cloud. Work mobile.

Let Performance Advantage launch you up to the cloud with Google Apps. Access your email from any machine, including any mobile device. Collaborate on documents, spreadsheets and presentations. Share online calendars and much more.

Our team of experts will help you on-site and every step of the way: from planning and communication, through data migration and system set up, to training and operations including helpdesk. We provide turnkey services, so that your company can reap the benefit of the cloud without the downtime that a big technology and data migration might otherwise cause.

We know documents and email isn’t all you do, and we have the expertise to help you integrate Google Apps with your other business management solutions, desktop applications, and Web services. Together we will come up with a cloud strategy to leverage the convenience of Software-as-a-Service and cloud solutions. Our team is certified in cloud security and we know what steps to take to ensure the security of your data.

And we don’t just do the technology. Our team will be on location to assist users through the critical change period to help overcome resistance to change and to assure a successful transition.