Mobile Development

In the current mobile and BYOD world, your people expect to be able to work anywhere. But can they work as efficiently on their phone as they do on their laptop?

Mobile Development

The mobile interface offers its own challenges as well as opportunities. The flexibility that you want in a laptop application often just creates irritating and costly bottlenecks on the smaller screens of a¬†smartphone or a tablet. Where laptop applications need to be able to do everything, mobile devices often don’t need as much flexibility – but they need to do the most important things in the simplest way. That is, successful mobile applications need to reflect simple, well-thought-out business processes.

At Performance Advantage, we have many years of experience analyzing and improving business processes. We bring this enterprise experience to our mobile solutions. We can help you figure out exactly what tasks need to be done on a mobile device – and what tasks can wait until you’re back in the office – and we can lay out the simplest set of steps for those tasks.

Our development team will work with you to determine your process and data needs, what exceptions can’t be forgotten, and what systems your mobile application needs to interface with.

We do business and enterprise mobile development for iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets, and Blackberry.