Custom Development

Sometimes you can get the right solution off the shelf. But to support your core business processes you may need custom software. We can build it for you.

Our team of analysts, designers and programmers can help you determine exactly what you need, and the best way to build it. You know your business, and we know software. We will:

• analyze your business needs and model your current processes.

• determine what integration with other systems is required.

• determine if an existing solution can be customized or if a completely new solution is needed.

• design and build the solution.

• test it with you.

• train your people on how to use it.

• support it.

Talk to us about what you need. We can help you decide what can be bought, what can be customized and what has to be built.

We specialize in:

• Custom Customer Relationship Management & integrated CRM solutions

• Custom mobile solutions