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Is the coolest computing in the sky.

Far from diminishing the CIO, Cloud ensures a bright future.

The complexity of the the “No Software” challenge is overwhelming the line of business buyers in Sales, Marketing and Customer Support. The idea of subscribing to a cool new software package and building a complex sales force or customer service team on your own, with your own budget, and then Oliver-style coming to CIO and asking, “Please sir….” when the going gets tough… well it’s just not working out. All of the old issues are the new issues: latency, integration techniques, consistency, security, compliance, availability, contracting and procurement: it’s like your kids realizing as they get older that you are …

Gartner: Long hard climb to high level of cloud computing security

It’s still a long, hard climb to get to a high level of security in cloud computing, according to Gartner research vice president Jay Heiser, who said business and government organizations with sensitive data appear likely to hold back from cloud-base…

What is a cloud architect?

It seems that every year, we see new IT job titles popping up, some of which aren’t very self-descriptive. Here’s one: what exactly is a “cloud architect”? And what do they do that an infrastructure or systems architect doesn’t? Coming to a definition of a cloud architect, more or less Let’s forget about the other guys for a minute and…Related Posts:Cloud Computing Expected to Create 14 Million New Jobs…Tech Jobs in High DemandCongratulations, NexJ Systems!Zuckerberg, Gates, Jobs, Andreessen: Who Is the Greatest…Top Mobile Apps for IT Recruiters