A new SugarCRM call management module for small call centres

We have just developed and implemented a SugarCRM-based Call Centre solution for a publisher who also does business in lead development. The new solution is part of a larger strategy to move most of the client’s major processes to SugarCRM.

The call centre has two full-time callers plus a handful of temporary workers called in based on demand. They make calls to a list of targets, generally offering white papers, or webinar or event registration. Until now their call centre had been run using Excel spreadsheets. They wanted to increase their productivity, increase reportability, and, perhaps most importantly, to improve the quality of the leads that they could offer by developing better profiles of the people on the lists they called.

Our goal was to make a very simple add-on that would simplify this basic call centre. Our customization is based on the existing Campaign and Target modules. We made two major additions, however. First, we added a call script with interactive fields. These fields are basically the target’s personal information that the caller needs to confirm, however, because the fields now come integrated with the script they read from, they have everything in one place, which siplifies the process for them. The script also has fields to record the result of the call. The second addition is that the result of every call is saved as a record that is attached to the target, giving the client a full call history for everybody they call, including a tag describing the topic of each campaign. This not only eliminates their need to manually track the number of calls they make, but also increases what the client knows about the people they call. It means that the next time the client creates a target list for a campaign on some topic, they can be sure to add the people who have expressed an interest in that topic in the past, or to remove people who have consistently shown no interest in that topic.

The module is designed to manage small or seasonal call centres and runs on SugarCRM.